Jekyll Photo Gallery

screenshot of Jekyll Photo Gallery

Jekyll Photo Gallery

Jekyll plugin to generate nice photo galleries easily.


The Jekyll-Photo-Gallery plugin is outdated and not maintained, and it doesn't work with Jekyll 4+. However, it offers the ability to easily generate a photo gallery for your Jekyll site or blog. The plugin generates a static index and a page for each photo, which can be customized with different layouts. It also automatically adds metadata like photo location, ISO, and speed values. New photos can be added with minimal effort, and thumbnails are automatically generated. The plugin includes features like a dynamically loaded photo stream, justified gallery layout, SEO-friendly URLs, responsive photo view, and support for Google Maps geolocation and EXIF tags.


  • Dynamically loaded photo stream
  • Justified gallery layout
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • One subpage per picture
  • Responsive photo view
  • Easily adaptable layouts
  • Google Maps geolocation
  • EXIF tag support
  • Support for albums/trips (alpha)
  • Embeddable galleries for posts (alpha)

Installation Guide:

  1. Download the repository and copy the contents of the "plugin" folder to your Jekyll installation.
  2. Install the following gems or add them to your Gemfile if you're using bundler:
    • gem 'exifr'
    • gem 'mini_magick'
    • gem 'jekyll-minimagick'
  3. Optional features:
    • Enable automatic thumbnail generation:
      • Install ImageMagick for your system (e.g., "apt-get install imagemagick" for Linux or "brew install imagemagick" on macOS).
      • Install the mini_magick gem ("gem install mini_magick").
      • Install the jekyll-minimagick gem ("gem install jekyll-minimagick").
      • Remove the '#' in the file "_plugins/jekyll-generate-thumbnails.rb" to enable thumbnail generation.
    • Enable Google Maps geolocation:
      • Obtain a Google Maps "Static Maps API key".
      • Create a new project or choose an existing one.
      • Select "Google Static Maps API" in the API drawer and "Web browser (Javascript)" in the drawer below.
      • Enter the URLs of your website from which you'll access Google Maps.
      • Open "layouts/photo.html" and replace the existing key with your new key.
  4. Embed an album/gallery in a post:
    • Add album metadata to the photos you want to include in your post in "_data/photos.yaml".
    • Open your post and add "{% includeGallery uniqueAlbumName %}".


The Jekyll-Photo-Gallery plugin is an outdated and unmaintained plugin for generating photo galleries in Jekyll websites. It offers features like a dynamically loaded photo stream, justified gallery layout, automatic thumbnail generation, responsive photo view, SEO-friendly URLs, and support for Google Maps geolocation and EXIF tags. However, it does not work with Jekyll 4+. The installation guide provides instructions on how to install and enable the plugin, including optional features like automatic thumbnail generation and Google Maps geolocation.