React Fontpicker

screenshot of React Fontpicker

React Fontpicker

A Google font picker for React


react-fontpicker is a Google font picker component for React. It has no dependencies other than React and offers over 1410 Google fonts to choose from. The component includes font previews from pre-generated images and the option to autoload fonts. It is a fork of the vue-fontpicker project and has its own documentation and live demo.


  • No dependencies (other than React)
  • 1410+ Google fonts
  • Font previews from pre-generated images
  • Optionally autoloads fonts


To install the react-fontpicker component, follow these steps:

  1. Import the component and stylesheet:
import FontPicker from 'react-fontpicker';
import 'react-fontpicker/dist/FontPicker.css';
  1. Use the FontPicker component in your React application.


react-fontpicker is a Google font picker component for React that offers a wide range of fonts to choose from. It provides font previews from pre-generated images and the option to autoload the selected fonts. With no dependencies other than React, it is easy to install and use in your React applications.


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