Cayman Blog

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Cayman Blog

A Jekyll blog template made for simple, readable snippets of your brain drippings.


This product is a Jekyll blog template designed for creating simple and easy-to-read snippets of thoughts. It is based on the Cayman Theme by Jason Lang and allows users to quickly set up and customize their blog.


  • Simple and readable: The template focuses on providing a clean and readable layout for blog posts.
  • Customizable header image: Users can easily swap the default header image with their own.
  • Easy setup and deployment: The template is compatible with GitHub Pages, allowing users to host their blog for free.


To install and use this Jekyll blog template, follow these steps:

  1. Fork, clone, or download the repository from the source.
  2. Open the _config.yml file and make necessary edits according to your preferences (e.g., blog name, author, description).
  3. Optionally, replace the img/cover.jpg file with your own custom header image.
  4. Fill up the _posts folder with your blog posts or snippets.
  5. Run the following commands:
    $ jekyll build
    $ jekyll serve
    Note: This may require the installation of the jekyll-paginate gem. To install, run:
    $ gem install jekyll-paginate
    This gem enables pagination for the blog.
  6. You can now view and host your blog for free on GitHub Pages.


This Jekyll blog template offers a straightforward and clean design for showcasing snippets of thoughts or blog posts. It provides easy customization options for the header image and a hassle-free setup process. Built on the Cayman Theme by Jason Lang, the template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.