Landing Page Boilerplate

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Landing Page Boilerplate

🖼 A pure client-side landing page template that you can fork, customize and host freely. Relies on Mailchimp and Google Analytics.


The landing-page-boilerplate is a pure client-side landing page template that allows users to freely fork, customize, host, and link to their own domain name. It relies on Mailchimp for user email subscriptions and Google Analytics for statistics.


  • Static HTML page: No need for fancy hosting as it can be hosted for free on Github Pages.
  • Light source code: The landing page loads quickly due to its lightweight source code.
  • Responsive design: The template is designed to be responsive and adapts to different screen sizes.
  • User email submissions: User emails are submitted to the user's chosen Mailchimp list, allowing for easy contact with subscribers.


To use the landing-page-boilerplate template, follow these steps:

  1. Fork the project to your own Github account.
  2. Change the name, description, and link on the page of your newly forked project on Github.
  3. Ensure that your project is published by opening
  4. Update the following lines in index.html:
    • Enter the title of your page/product into the <title> and <h1> elements.
    • Update the baseline of your page/product in the first <p> element.
    • Update the content of all the <meta> elements.
    • Update the action attribute of the <form> element to lead to your own Mailchimp list.
    • Update the UA-1858235-15 code with your own Google Analytics code.
    • Replace favicon.ico with your own (ICO Converter can help).
    • Replace the default background image with your own in /res/background.jpg.
  5. If you want to use Github Pages as the hosting platform and link your custom domain name to it, set your custom domain name in the CNAME file (learn more here).
  6. Go to your subdomain, hard-refresh a few times (or wait 24 hours) to ensure that it works.
  7. Submit your own email in the subscription form to confirm that it works.
  8. Check your Google Analytics dashboard to verify that your page view was recorded.
  9. Enjoy your free landing page!


The landing-page-boilerplate is a versatile template that allows users to easily create and customize their own landing page. With features such as responsive design, easy email subscription management through Mailchimp, and integration with Google Analytics for tracking statistics, this template is a valuable tool for individuals or businesses looking to create an effective landing page without the need for complex hosting or coding.

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