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a jekyll/octopress theme which incorporates bootstrap, html5boilerplate, SEO practices, and a strong hero.


The theme currently powering is MediumFoxfoxslide. This theme is built for Octopress and is a work in progress with inspirations from all over the web. It is built on top of Bootstrap and HTML5 boilerplate and has SEO considerations along with Instagram and Twitter widgets out of the box.


  • Work in progress: This theme is continuously being improved and updated.
  • Inspired design: The design of this theme is inspired by various sources on the web.
  • Built on Bootstrap and HTML5 boilerplate: It is built on top of these popular frameworks, ensuring a solid foundation.
  • SEO considerations: The theme has built-in SEO features, helping to improve the website's search engine rankings.
  • Instagram and Twitter widgets: The theme comes with pre-built widgets for integrating Instagram and Twitter feeds.


To install the MediumFoxfoxslide theme, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Grab the latest updates from the theme repository.
  2. Alternatively, you can install the theme without using a git submodule.
  3. It is mentioned that pull-requests are welcomed and desired, indicating that users can contribute to the development of the theme.


MediumFoxfoxslide is a theme built for Octopress, designed to power It is a work in progress, inspired by various sources on the web. The theme is built on top of Bootstrap and HTML5 boilerplate, providing a solid foundation. It also includes SEO considerations and pre-built widgets for Instagram and Twitter integration. Installation can be done by grabbing the latest updates or without using git submodule. Users are encouraged to contribute to the development of the theme via pull-requests.