Htl Spec

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Htl Spec

HTML Template Language Specification


The HTML Template Language (HTL), formerly known as Sightly, is a server-side template system for HTML introduced with Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. It replaces JSP (JavaServer Pages) as the preferred and recommended template system for generating server-side HTML.


  • Syntax and Behavior Definition: The HTL Specification defines the syntax and behavior of the HTML Template Language.
  • Java-based Reference Implementation: A reference implementation of HTL has been donated to the Apache Sling project and can be found at
  • Technology Compatibility Kit: The Technology Compatibility Kit can be used to test the compliance of HTL implementations with the specification.
  • Version Availability: Version 1.4 of the HTL language specification is available in AEM 6.3 SP3 and AEM 6.4 SP1.


To install HTL, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the HTL reference implementation from the Apache Sling project repository.
  2. Set up the Apache Sling project in your development environment.
  3. Configure your AEM instance to use the HTL reference implementation.
  4. Test the implementation using the Technology Compatibility Kit to ensure compliance with the HTL specification.


The HTML Template Language (HTL) is a powerful server-side template system for HTML that is recommended for use with Adobe Experience Manager. It offers a clear syntax and behavior definition, along with a Java-based reference implementation. By following the installation guide, developers can easily set up HTL and test its compliance with the specification.