Aem Project Archetype

screenshot of Aem Project Archetype

Aem Project Archetype

Maven template to create best-practice websites on AEM.


The AEM Project Archetype is a Maven template that creates a minimal, best-practices-based Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) project. It serves as a starting point for building a website and provides various features and functionalities.


  • Best Practice: Bootstrap your site with all of Adobe's latest recommended practices.
  • Low-Code: Easily edit templates, create content, and deploy CSS without writing extensive code.
  • Cloud-Ready: Supports AEM as a Cloud Service for easy scalability and maintenance.
  • Dispatcher: Includes a Dispatcher configuration for speed and security.
  • Multi-Site: Generates content structure for multi-language and multi-region setups.
  • Core Components: Offers standardized components for creating versatile layouts.
  • Editable Templates: Assemble templates without coding and define author editing permissions.
  • Responsive Layout: Define how elements reflow based on breakpoints.
  • Header and Footer: Assemble and localize headers and footers without code.
  • Style System: Allow authors to apply different styles to components without custom building.
  • Front-End Build: Supports mocking AEM pages and building client libraries with Webpack, TypeScript, and SASS.
  • Decoupled Front-End: Preconfigured to use the AEMaaCS Frontend Pipeline for decoupled front-end modules.
  • WebApp-Ready: Enables in-context authoring for React or Angular web apps using the SPA SDK.
  • Commerce Enabled: Integration with Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) for commerce solutions like Magento.
  • Forms Enabled: Supports use of Forms for projects.
  • Testing: Includes ready-to-use Functional and UI testing modules.
  • Example Code: Provides a HelloWorld component and sample models, servlets, filters, and schedulers.
  • Open Sourced: Allows users to contribute improvements and fixes.


To generate a project using the AEM Project Archetype, follow these steps:

  1. Adjust the following command line to match your specific requirements:
    • For AEM as a Cloud Service: Set aemVersion=cloud
    • For Adobe Managed Services or on-premise AEM: Set aemVersion=6.5.7
  2. Adjust appTitle to define the website title and appId to define the Maven artifactId and component.


The AEM Project Archetype is a powerful tool for creating AEM projects that adhere to best practices. It provides a range of features including easy editing of templates, cloud-readiness, multi-language support, standardized components, and support for front-end frameworks. With its open source nature, it also encourages contribution and improvement from its users.