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Hugo Index

Index is a hugo theme inspired by @GTFOBins


This product analysis examines a theme called "DocsVariables". The theme appears to be related to the creation and management of variable values within a documentation system. The analysis will provide insights into the key features and installation process of the theme.


  • params.showDescriptioninHome: Enables the display of descriptions on the home page.
  • params.hideAllTagsinHome: Hides all tags on the home page.
  • params.titleIcon: Sets the icon for the title.
  • params.headers.key: Specifies the header key.
  • params.headers.value: Specifies the header value.
  • permalinks.tags: Defines the permalink structure for tags.


To install the "DocsVariables" theme, follow these steps:

  1. Download the theme files from the official website.
  2. Extract the downloaded files to the desired location on your computer.
  3. Open your website's codebase.
  4. Navigate to the theme directory.
  5. Copy the extracted theme files into the theme directory.
  6. Customize the theme by modifying the configuration files and templates as needed.
  7. Save the changes and compile the website.
  8. Verify that the theme is correctly applied by previewing the website.


The "DocsVariables" theme provides a set of configurable options for managing variables in a documentation system. It offers features such as enabling the display of descriptions, hiding tags, customizing icon and header values, and defining permalink structures. The installation process involves downloading the theme files, integrating them into the website's codebase, and customizing the configuration files. Overall, the "DocsVariables" theme appears to be a useful tool for documentation management.


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