Simple Reactjs App

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Simple Reactjs App

Simple Application Using Basic React Components and Communication between them


This Simple ReactJS Project demonstrates the creation of components in React, making HTTP calls, communication between parent and child components, and using Bootstrap and basic routing in React. The project can be used as a template for building bigger projects.


  • Creating a Component in React: Learn how to create components in React.
  • Making HTTP calls: Understand how to make HTTP calls using the axios library.
  • Communicating between parent and child component: Explore how to pass data between parent and child components.
  • Using Bootstrap along with React: Learn how to use Bootstrap in a React project.
  • Using Basic Routing in React: Understand how to implement basic routing in a React application.


To install and run the Simple ReactJS Project, follow these steps:


Clone and Run the Application

  1. Clone the project repository into your local machine.
  2. Navigate to the project folder.
  3. Install all the npm packages by running the following command:
    npm install
  4. To run the application, type the following command:
    npm start
  5. The application will run on localhost:3000.


This Simple ReactJS Project is a demonstration of various functionalities in React, including component creation, HTTP calls, parent-child communication, and Bootstrap integration. It can serve as a starting point for larger React projects. The installation guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to clone and run the project locally.


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