Hexo Theme Minima

screenshot of Hexo Theme Minima

Hexo Theme Minima

A lightweight dark/light theme for Hexo.js


Minima is a simple and lightweight dark/light mode theme for Hexo. It was created from scratch using the Skeleton CSS boilerplate and utilizes only CSS and Vanilla JS, without relying on unnecessary third-party libraries. The theme focuses on simplicity and minimalism, prioritizing content over flashy design elements. Minima is fully responsive and includes features such as post meta description and images for SEO, customizable dark/light mode, code highlighting with Prism.js, Disqus for post comments, and a documentation for easy customization.


  • Passes the core of Hexo Theme Unit Test
  • Fully responsive design
  • Supports post, page, tags, archives, and pagination
  • SEO optimization with post meta description and images
  • Customizable dark/light mode instant switch
  • Customizable theme color
  • Code highlighting with Prism.js
  • Disqus integration for post comments


To install the Minima theme, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you have Hexo installed on your system. If not, you can install it using the following command:
npm install -g hexo-cli
  1. Create a new Hexo project by running the following command:
hexo init myblog
  1. Change to the newly created project directory:
cd myblog
  1. Install the Minima theme using the following command:
npm install hexo-theme-minima
  1. Open the _config.yml file in the root directory of your Hexo project and change the theme property to hexo-theme-minima:
theme: hexo-theme-minima
  1. Start your Hexo server to see the Minima theme in action:
hexo server
  1. Open your browser and visit http://localhost:4000 to view your Hexo blog with the Minima theme.


Minima is a lightweight and minimalistic theme for Hexo, designed to prioritize content over flashy design elements. It offers a fully responsive layout and includes features such as SEO optimization, customizable dark/light mode, code highlighting, and Disqus integration for post comments. With its simplicity and ease of customization, Minima provides a clean and focused user experience for bloggers using Hexo.


Hexo is a static site generator built with Node.js that enables developers to create fast and efficient websites using Markdown, EJS, and Stylus. It offers features such as server-side rendering, plugin support, and easy deployment to hosting services like GitHub Pages and Netlify.