Kodama Theme

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Kodama Theme

Theme for zola inspired by hugo academic theme.


The KodamaTheme is a theme inspired by the Hugo Academic theme. It is built on the Zola framework and does not use any JavaScript. The CSS is built with Tailwind CSS and the blog articles are themed with @tailwindcss/typography theme. This theme provides a clean and minimalistic design for websites.


  • Built on the Zola framework
  • Does not use JavaScript
  • CSS is built with Tailwind CSS
  • Themed blog articles with @tailwindcss/typography theme


To install the KodamaTheme, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the official Zola tutorial to get started with Zola.
  2. Install the theme as you would install any other theme.
  3. Set the variable theme to "kodama-theme" in the config.toml file.

Generate the CSS:

  1. Install Tailwind CSS framework by following the installation page of Tailwind CSS.
  2. Create a file styles/styles.css.
  3. Use the appropriate command to generate the final CSS file.
  4. The resulting file static/styles/styles.css should be loaded in the HTML.

Note: The generation of the CSS is not automated, so you will need to re-run the command to generate the CSS file whenever changes are made to the styling.


The KodamaTheme is a Zola-based theme that does not use JavaScript and uses Tailwind CSS for styling. It provides a clean and minimalistic design for websites and allows for easy configuration of the index page, contact page, sections, blog, and publications.


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that provides pre-defined classes for building responsive and customizable user interfaces.