React Native Select Dropdown

screenshot of React Native Select Dropdown

React Native Select Dropdown

react-native-select-dropdown is a highly customized dropdown | select | picker | menu for react native that works for andriod and iOS platforms.


React-native-select-dropdown is a highly customized dropdown, select, picker, and menu for React Native that functions on both Android and iOS platforms.


  • Highly customized dropdown
  • Works on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Search functionality
  • Customizable button and row text
  • Selection callbacks
  • Disabling options
  • Custom dropdown and button styles
  • Scrollbar customization


To install the theme using npm, run the following command:

npm install react-native-select-dropdown

To install using yarn, use the command:

yarn add react-native-select-dropdown


React-native-select-dropdown is a versatile component that offers a range of features such as customizable styling, search functionality, and selection callbacks. It provides a seamless dropdown experience for React Native applications on both Android and iOS platforms.

React Native

React Native is a framework for building mobile applications using React and JavaScript. It enables developers to write once and deploy to multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web, while providing a native app-like experience to users.