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✨ Ultra-lightweight, no-fuss, flat-file & nearly-headless blogging system


Nicholas is a lightweight blogging system designed to be a pleasure to write, flexible to integrate, quick to set up, fast to load, and secure by default. It offers a minimalistic approach to blogging and provides various features to enhance the blogging experience. Nicholas is built with simplicity in mind and aims to deliver a hassle-free blogging system.


  • Ultra-lightweight: Nicholas has minimal dependencies and is designed to be lightweight, ensuring fast performance.
  • Inherently secure: With no database and no admin panel, Nicholas prioritizes security by default.
  • Write with Markdown Extra or HTML: Nicholas allows you to write your blog posts using Markdown Extra, HTML, or a combination of both, offering flexibility in content creation.
  • Super simple read-only JSON API: Nicholas provides a straightforward read-only JSON API for easy integration with other systems or applications.
  • Optional front-end with ready-to-use theme: Nicholas offers an optional front-end with a pre-designed theme, allowing you to quickly set up a visually appealing blog without much customization.
  • JSON and RSS feeds: Nicholas supports JSON and RSS feeds, enabling users to stay updated with your blog content easily.
  • Tag support: Nicholas includes tag support, allowing you to categorize and organize your blog posts efficiently.
  • Portable drag and drop install with minimal configuration: Installing Nicholas is a hassle-free process, offering a portable and easy-to-use drag and drop install method with minimal configuration required.


To install Nicholas, ensure you have PHP 7.2+ and mod_rewrite enabled. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Nicholas files.
  2. Drag and drop the files to your server or hosting provider.
  3. Set up mod_rewrite if not already enabled.
  4. Access the Nicholas Wiki for detailed installation instructions and documentation.


Nicholas is an efficient and lightweight blogging system that delivers simplicity and security in a single package. With its minimal dependencies and emphasis on speed, Nicholas provides a hassle-free blogging experience. Whether you prefer Markdown Extra or HTML, Nicholas offers flexibility in content creation. Its optional front-end and built-in theme further simplify the setup process, while features like JSON and RSS feeds, tag support, and a read-only JSON API enhance the overall functionality of Nicholas. With its portable drag and drop installation method, Nicholas ensures a user-friendly experience with minimal configuration.


Blog websites feature posts written by one or more authors, organized by categories and tags, with a section for comments and archives sorted by date or topic. Additional features may include search bar, social media sharing, subscription or RSS feed, about and contact pages, and visual content.

Templates & Themes

A template or theme refers to a pre-designed layout or structure that provides a basic framework for building a specific type of application or website. It typically includes good design, placeholder content and functional features, allowing developers to customize and fill in the details according to their specific needs.