Meteor React Boilerplate

screenshot of Meteor React Boilerplate

Meteor React Boilerplate

A starter project for React & Meteor


The meteor-react-boilerplate is a starter project that aims to provide an easy way to start working with React and Meteor. It includes default features that most apps would use, such as router and accounts. The project structure includes an 'imports' folder for easier server-side rendering.


  • Router
  • Accounts
  • Session
  • Logging
  • Reload
  • Random
  • Spacebars
  • Accounts Password
  • Accounts UI (with React wrapper)
  • gadicc:blaze-react-component
  • NPM
  • React
  • React DOM
  • React Router
  • Classnames
  • History


To install and use the meteor-react-boilerplate, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone [repository URL]
  1. Change into the project directory:
cd meteor-react-boilerplate
  1. Install the required npm packages:
npm install
  1. Start the application:


The meteor-react-boilerplate is a convenient starter project for working with React and Meteor. It provides a set of default features commonly used in apps, such as router and accounts. The project structure is organized in a way that facilitates server-side rendering. Overall, it aims to make it easy for developers to start building React apps with Meteor.


React is a widely used JavaScript library for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It follows a component-based architecture and uses a virtual DOM to efficiently update and render UI components