Hugo Htmx Go Template

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Hugo Htmx Go Template

Make static Hugo sites dyanmic with htmx and Go


The Hugo HTMX Go Template is a project template that combines Hugo, htmx, and an optional API server written in Go. It allows developers to make static Hugo sites dynamic by adding islands of dynamic behavior. This template provides a simple solution for adding dynamic functionality to static sites without relying on SaaS products.


  • Dynamic Functionality: This project template enables the addition of dynamic behavior to static Hugo sites.
  • Contact Forms: Easily integrate contact forms into your static site.
  • Comment Systems: Allow users to leave comments on your static site.
  • Up/Down Vote Systems: Implement voting systems on your static site for user engagement.


To get started with the template, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this project template.
  2. Install the optional API server hot-reloading tool "air" if you'll be using the API server.
  3. Install the templ templating tool for making changes to templ templates (optional).
  4. Run the development server using bin/develop.
  5. Access the Hugo site on http://localhost:1313 and the API server on http://localhost:1314.
  6. Use bin/build to build fat binaries of your Hugo site (available at http://localhost:1314).


The Hugo HTMX Go Template is a project template that allows developers to add dynamic functionality to static Hugo sites. It provides a simple solution for integrating features such as contact forms, comment systems, and voting systems on static sites without relying on external SaaS products. The template includes example code, developer tooling, and hot-reloading capabilities for easy development and deployment.


Hugo is an open-source static site generator that features fast build times, flexible themes, support for multiple content formats, multilingual websites, live reloading, and an active community. It allows developers to easily create and deploy SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive websites.