React Native Practical Guide Code

screenshot of React Native Practical Guide Code

React Native Practical Guide Code

Course code & attachments for our "React Native - The Practical Guide" ( course.


The React Native - The Practical Guide course repository provides code snapshots and attachments like slides for users to follow along with the course, debug their code, or compare their solutions to the instructor's. Redistribution of course materials is not allowed.


  • Branch Structure: Organized into branches representing course sections for easy navigation.
  • Code Snapshots: Available for comparing and fixing code errors.
  • Slide Attachments: Contains section slides for reference.
  • Extra Files: Includes additional resources like image assets used in the course.


To use the code snapshots:

  1. Select the desired branch related to the course section.
  2. View code directly on Github or download the snapshots using the "Code" button.
  3. Run the provided code for comparison by navigating to the respective code snapshot subfolder.
  4. Execute npm install followed by npm start in the subfolder to run the code.

Please ensure dependency matches and provide your backend URLs or API keys if needed.


The React Native course repository offers a structured approach for users to access code snapshots, slides, and extra files related to various sections of the course. It allows for code comparison and debugging with the instructor's solutions, enhancing the learning experience.