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Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET Core. Offers an opinionated architecture to build enterprise software solutions with best practices on top of the .NET and the ASP.NET Core platforms. Provides the fundamental infrastructure, production-ready startup templates, application modules...


ABP Framework is a comprehensive infrastructure built on ASP.NET Core that allows users to create modern web applications and APIs. It follows software development best practices and incorporates the latest technologies. ABP Framework provides a full stack developer experience and includes features such as modular software architecture, event bus, background job system, audit logging, data filtering, and more.


  • Architecture: ABP Framework utilizes a complete, modular, and layered software architecture based on Domain Driven Design principles and patterns.
  • Infrastructure: ABP Framework offers various features that simplify the implementation of real-world scenarios, including event bus, background job system, audit logging, BLOB storing, data seeding, and data filtering.
  • Cross Cutting Concerns: ABP Framework simplifies and automates cross cutting concerns and common non-functional requirements such as exception handling, validation, authorization, localization, caching, and dependency injection.
  • Application Modules: ABP is a modular framework and provides pre-built application functionalities through application modules such as Account (provides UI for account management), Identity (manages organization units, roles, users, and permissions based on Microsoft Identity library), OpenIddict (integrates to OpenIddict), and Tenant Management (manages tenants for a multi-tenant application).
  • Startup Templates: ABP offers pre-built Visual Studio solution templates known as startup templates, which allow users to create their own solutions based on these templates and start development immediately.
  • ABP Community: ABP Framework has an active community website where users can publish articles, share knowledge, and create content related to the framework.


To install ABP Framework, follow these steps:

  1. Install the ABP CLI by running the following command:
dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli
  1. Create a new solution using the ABP CLI:
abp new MySolution

For more detailed installation instructions and available options, refer to the ABP CLI documentation.


ABP Framework is a powerful infrastructure built on ASP.NET Core that provides a full stack developer experience to create modern web applications and APIs. It offers a modular software architecture, simplifies cross cutting concerns, and provides various features to handle real-world scenarios. With its extensive documentation, active community, and pre-built application modules, ABP Framework is a valuable tool for developers looking to build robust and scalable web applications.


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