Chakra Dayzed Datepicker

screenshot of Chakra Dayzed Datepicker

Chakra Dayzed Datepicker

Chakra UI + Dayzed = datepicker


This article discusses a simple Chakra Datepicker based on Dayzed. The component is built using Chakra UI and is designed to respect all Chakra UI Configs without any issues. The component also utilizes a date library and provides the option to customize the source code as per individual requirements.


  • Chakra UI: The Datepicker component is built using Chakra UI, ensuring compatibility with all Chakra UI Configs.
  • Date Library: The component incorporates a date library to handle date-related functionalities.
  • Customization: The source code located in the "/src" directory can be easily copied and pasted to customize the component according to specific needs.


To use the Chakra Datepicker component, follow these steps:

  1. Install the dependency using either npm or Yarn:

    • Npm: npm install chakra-datepicker
    • Yarn: yarn add chakra-datepicker
  2. Basic Usage: Implement the Datepicker component in your code by importing it.

    import DatePicker from 'chakra-datepicker';
  3. Single Range Selection: Note that during the selection process, the list will have only one value. To ensure proper functioning, avoid controlling it directly using [startDate, endDate]. Instead, set the selectedDates prop to [intermediateSelection].

  4. Configurations: Various configurations can be applied to the Datepicker component using the following props:

    • dateNavBtnProps: Extends from ButtonProps of Chakra UI, allowing for custom behavior modifications.
    • dayOfMonthBtnProps: Customize the date button style based on the state using this prop.
    • popoverCompProps: Useful for setting up simple global styles like text color.


The Chakra Datepicker component based on Dayzed provides a simple and customizable solution for implementing date selection functionality. Built using Chakra UI, the component ensures compatibility with Chakra UI Configs. It also incorporates a date library and offers various props for customization. The installation process is straightforward, and developers can easily modify the source code to tailor the component as needed.


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