Wall E

A modern jekyll theme with grid frontpage, beautiful typography, mobile responsive, made with Semantic UI

GitHub Stars: 40

Last Commit: almost 6 years ago

Site Generator: Jekyll

UI: Semantic UI

screenshot of Wall E

Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby that allows you to create simple, fast, and secure websites without the need for a database.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a popular front-end development framework that provides a set of pre-designed user interface components to help developers create responsive and mobile-friendly web applications with ease. It emphasizes a clear and intuitive naming convention for CSS classes, making it easier to customize and maintain the design of web applications.


A template or theme refers to a pre-designed layout or structure that provides a basic framework for building a specific type of application or website. It typically includes good design, placeholder content and functional features, allowing developers to customize and fill in the details according to their specific needs.

GitHub Pages

Gridsome is a Vue.js-based static site generator that makes it easy to build fast and flexible websites and applications by leveraging modern web technologies like GraphQL, Webpack, and hot reloading