Jekyll Pdf

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Jekyll Pdf

Create PDFs from Jekyll pages & documents.


Jekyll PDF is a tool that allows users to dynamically generate PDFs from Jekyll pages, posts, and documents. By adding the "jekyll-pdf" gem to their Gemfile and configuring the necessary settings, users can create PDF versions of their content.


  • Dynamically generate PDFs from Jekyll pages, posts, and documents.
  • Supports configuration parameters provided by wkhtmltopdf.
  • Supports the use of layouts and partials for customization.
  • Can be activated for multiple pages or entire collections using Jekyll's front-matter defaults.
  • Provides troubleshooting tips for displaying images in the generated PDF.


To install Jekyll PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Add the "jekyll-pdf" gem to your Gemfile:
gem "jekyll-pdf"
  1. Run the bundle command to install the gem:
bundle install
  1. Add "jekyll-pdf" to your _config.yml file:
  - jekyll-pdf
  1. To create a PDF version of a page or document, add the following line to its front-matter:
pdf: true
  1. To activate Jekyll PDF for multiple pages or entire collections, use Jekyll's front-matter defaults.

For detailed configuration options and additional customization, refer to the official documentation.


Jekyll PDF is a convenient tool for generating PDF versions of Jekyll content. By implementing the necessary configurations, users can easily create PDFs from their pages, posts, and documents. The tool also provides flexibility in terms of customizing layouts and partials for a personalized PDF appearance. Additionally, Jekyll PDF offers troubleshooting tips for any issues regarding image display in the generated PDFs.