Nimbus Narratives

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Nimbus Narratives

A minimal, accessible, and SEO-friendly personal blog theme built using Astro, Preact, and TailwindCSS.


This article discusses the creation of a personal blog using Astro 2.0 and TailwindCSS. It highlights the key features of this blog, provides a guide for installation, and summarizes the content.


  • Minimal styling: The blog has a clean and minimalist design, providing a distraction-free reading experience.
  • Light/Dark mode: The blog supports light and dark modes, allowing users to choose their preferred color scheme.
  • 100/100 Lighthouse performance: The blog has achieved a perfect score in Lighthouse performance, indicating fast and optimized loading times.
  • SEO-friendly: The blog is search engine optimized, with features like canonical URLs and OpenGraph data to improve its visibility in search results.
  • Sitemap support: The blog generates a sitemap, making it easier for search engines to discover and index its content.
  • RSS Feed support: The blog generates an RSS feed, providing an easy way for users to subscribe and stay updated on new content.
  • Markdown & MDX support: The blog supports both Markdown and MDX formats for writing content, offering flexibility and ease of use.
  • Post series: The blog allows for the creation of post series, enabling authors to group related articles together.


To set up the personal blog using Astro 2.0 and TailwindCSS, follow these steps:

  1. Install dependencies by running the command npm install in the root of the project.
  2. Start the local development server at localhost:3000 by running npm run dev.
  3. Build the production site to the ./dist/ directory with the command npm run build.
  4. Preview the build locally before deploying by running npm run preview.
  5. Use the Astro CLI for additional commands, such as adding new features or checking the project structure, with npm run astro ....
  6. For help with using the Astro CLI, run npm run astro -- --help to get detailed information and guidance.


This article discusses the creation of a personal blog using Astro 2.0 and TailwindCSS. It highlights the key features of this blog, including minimal styling, light/dark mode, and excellent performance. The article also provides a guide for installing the theme, making it easier for users to set up their own personal blogs using this technology stack.


Astro is the all-in-one web framework designed for speed. Pull your content from anywhere and deploy everywhere, all powered by your favorite UI components and libraries.


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that provides pre-defined classes for building responsive and customizable user interfaces.


MDX is a format that allows developers to write JSX within Markdown documents, combining the power of React with the simplicity of Markdown. This allows for the creation of dynamic and interactive content that can be easily shared and consumed across different platforms and devices.