Jekyll Crosspost To Medium

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Jekyll Crosspost To Medium

A Jekyll generator for automatically crossposting to Medium


The Crosspost to Medium Generator is a plugin that allows users to automatically syndicate their posts from Jekyll and Octopress projects to Medium. This plugin provides a convenient way for users to crosspost their content and reach a wider audience on the Medium platform.


  • Gem Version: The plugin is available as a Ruby Gem, making it easy to install and manage.
  • Security: The plugin requires setting up integration tokens provided by Medium, ensuring secure access to the Medium API.
  • Setup: The plugin provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Medium account, generate integration tokens, and save them as environment variables.
  • Crossposting: Users can easily enable crossposting for any specific post by adding the "crosspost_to_medium: true" parameter in the front matter.
  • Configuration Options: The plugin offers various configuration options, including enabling or disabling crossposting globally, customizing the cache directory, setting the post status and license on Medium, and specifying the canonical link back to the source post.
  • Crossposting Metadata: The plugin automatically includes metadata from the original post when syndicating to Medium, preserving the original date and time of publication.


This plugin can be installed in two ways:

  1. As a Ruby Gem: Run the command "gem install jekyll-crosspost-to-medium" to install the plugin.
  2. Via Configuration File: Add "jekyll-crosspost-to-medium" to the gems list in the "_config.yml" file.


The Crosspost to Medium Generator is a powerful plugin that simplifies the process of crossposting content from Jekyll and Octopress projects to Medium. With its easy installation, secure access to the Medium API, and customizable configuration options, users can seamlessly syndicate their posts to Medium and reach a wider audience. Keep in mind the necessary steps for installation and configuration to ensure a smooth crossposting experience.