Svelte Remixicon

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Svelte Remixicon

An icon library for Svelte/SvelteKit based on Remix Icon. Consists of more than 2700 icons.


svelte-remixicon is a vibrant icon library designed for Svelte/SvelteKit projects. With a collection of 2537 icons from the Remix Icon pack, this library offers a wide range of visually stunning icons to add color and personality to your app.


  • Comprehensive icon library with 2537 icons
  • Easy installation with a simple command
  • Simple usage by importing desired icons
  • Customizable icons with the ability to add your own classes
  • Consistent naming convention for easy icon selection
  • Available props for customization including size, color, and class


To install svelte-remixicon, follow these steps:

  1. Run the following command:
npm install svelte-remixicon


svelte-remixicon is a powerful icon library that brings a vibrant touch to your Svelte/SvelteKit projects. With a large collection of icons, easy installation, and customization options, it provides a seamless experience for adding visually stunning icons to your app.


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