Alyle UI

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Alyle UI

Minimal Design, a set of components for Angular 16+


Alyle UI is a UI component library for building responsive web applications. It offers a wide range of features and components that are easy to install and use. The library provides a comprehensive documentation for each feature and component, making it easy for developers to implement them in their projects.


  • Avatar: Displays an avatar image or icon.
  • Badge: Adds a badge or label to an element.
  • Button: Creates a customizable button element.
  • Card: Displays content in a card-like container.
  • Carousel: Creates a carousel for displaying multiple items.
  • Checkbox: Renders a checkbox input.
  • Dialog: Displays a modal dialog window.
  • Divider: Adds a horizontal line or divider.
  • Drawer: Provides a drawer component for navigation or sidebars.
  • Expansion: Renders an expandable or collapsible container.
  • Field: Includes various form field components.
  • Grid: Implements a grid layout system.
  • Icon: Displays an icon from a library.
  • Img Cropper: Provides an image cropper component.
  • List: Renders a list of items.
  • Media: Displays media content, such as images or videos.
  • Menu: Creates a dropdown menu.
  • Radio: Renders a radio button input.
  • Select: Implements a dropdown select input.
  • Snack Bar: Displays a notification or message at the bottom of the screen.
  • Skeleton Screen: Provides a loading skeleton screen effect.
  • Slider: Creates a slider or range input.
  • Tabs: Renders a tabbed interface.
  • Toolbar: Creates a customizable toolbar.
  • Tooltip: Adds a tooltip to an element.
  • Typography: Includes various typography styles and components.


To install Alyle UI, use the following code snippet:

npm install alyle-ui


Alyle UI is a comprehensive UI component library that offers a wide range of features and components for building responsive web applications. With its easy installation process and detailed documentation, developers can quickly implement the desired features and components in their projects.


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