React Native Shadow

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React Native Shadow

A SVG shadow component powered with react-native-svg,which can provide shadow on Android like iOS ^_^


The react-native-shadow plugin is designed to provide shadow effects for components in React Native. By using SVG shadow elements, this plugin allows developers to easily add shadows to components in their projects, particularly on iOS where the "shadow" attribute is not natively available in styles. This tool simplifies the process of adding shadows, offering support for BoxShadow and BorderShadow elements with configurable options.


  • SVG Shadow Support: Utilizes SVG elements to create shadow effects for components.
  • BoxShadow Element: Supports shadow effects with border-radius for components.
  • BorderShadow Element: Generates shadows at the top or bottom of components, with options for inset shadows.


To install the react-native-shadow plugin in your project, follow these steps:

  1. Run the command to install the plugin and its dependencies:
    npm install react-native-shadow
  2. Configure your project to support the SVG component used by the plugin (react-native-svg). Ensure to use the correct version as required.
  3. Run the project on Android by executing:
    yarn run android
  4. Utilize the BoxShadow and BorderShadow elements in your project as follows:
    import {BoxShadow} from 'react-native-shadow'; // For BorderShadow, import as 'BoxShadow'
    // Set an option object
    const shadowOptions = {
        width: 10,
        height: 10,
        color: 'gray',
        border: 10,
        radius: 5,
        opacity: 0.5,
        x: 5,
        y: 5,
        style: { backgroundColor: 'white' }
    // Create a shadow element and set the options
    <BoxShadow setting={shadowOptions}>
        {/* Your component here */}


The react-native-shadow plugin provides an easy way to add shadow effects to components in React Native projects, especially on iOS where native shadow support is lacking. By leveraging SVG elements, developers can enhance the visual appeal of their components with BoxShadow and BorderShadow options. Remember to configure the SVG component correctly and customize shadow options to suit your project's requirements.

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