Feathers Vue Nuxt

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Feathers Vue Nuxt

A starter for feathers.js and nuxt.js


This is a starter template for building applications with Feathers in the server and Nuxt.js or Vue.js in the client. It utilizes MySQL as the datastore and includes two simple models: posts and categories. The template also provides examples of many-to-many and one-to-many relationships, such as the posts-categories relationship and the user-post and user-category relationships. Both the Vue and Nuxt clients are implemented using feathers-vuex.


  • Integration of Feathers in the server and Nuxt.js or Vue.js in the client
  • Use of MySQL as the datastore
  • Two simple models: posts and categories
  • Example of a many-to-many relationship (posts-categories)
  • Examples of one-to-many relationships (user-post and user-category)
  • Implementation of feathers-vuex for both the Vue and Nuxt clients


To install the starter template, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS and npm installed, as well as MySQL and a running instance.
  2. Download or clone the repository.
  3. Install the dependencies for both the server and client directories.
  4. Edit the config file in the /server/config/default.json directory to match your setup.
  5. Start the server.
  6. Start the client.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the documentation in each directory of the repository.


This starter template provides a foundation for building applications using Feathers, Nuxt.js, and Vue.js. It includes preconfigured models, examples of different types of relationships, and the integration of feathers-vuex. By following the provided installation guide, developers can quickly set up their development environment and start building their own applications.