React Native Awesome Starter

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React Native Awesome Starter

react-native initial development environment setting


The react-native-awesome-starter repository is aimed at providing an initial development environment setup for React Native projects. It includes various features such as React, TypeScript, ESLint, MobX and MobX-React, CodePush, Firebase integration, assets and fonts management, splash screen configuration, fast image loading, and navigation options.


  • React and React Native (v16.5.0 and v0.57.4): Uses the latest versions of React and React Native for building the application.
  • TypeScript: Includes TypeScript support for improved type checking and development experience.
  • ESLint: Integrates ESLint for static code analysis and enforcing coding standards.
  • MobX and MobX-React: Provides state management capabilities through MobX and MobX-React libraries.
  • CodePush: Enables over-the-air updates for the application without users having to install a new version.
  • Firebase Integration: Allows integration with Firebase for various services, such as analytics and push notifications.
  • Assets and Fonts: Includes support for managing assets and fonts within the application.
  • Splash Screen: Provides a pre-built configuration for adding a splash screen to the application.
  • Fast Image Loading: Uses react-native-fast-image library for faster image loading.
  • Navigation: Offers options for navigation with either react-navigation or react-native-navigation libraries.


To set up the development environment using react-native-awesome-starter, follow these steps:

  1. Initialize your project with react-native-cli.
  2. Enable TypeScript support by adding the provided code snippets to rn-cli.config.js, package.json, .eslintrc.js, and tsconfig.json.
  3. Configure MobX and MobX-React by adding the necessary dependencies and updating the .babelrc file.
  4. Connect your application with CodePush by installing the CodePush CLI, registering your app, and configuring the Staging Deployment Key for both iOS and Android.
  5. Integrate Firebase by creating a Firebase project, setting up the necessary configuration files (GoogleService-Info.plist and google-services.json), and adding the required code in the appropriate files.
  6. Troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the setup process.


The react-native-awesome-starter repository provides a comprehensive starting point for developing React Native applications. It includes support for React, TypeScript, ESLint, MobX and MobX-React, CodePush, and Firebase integration. Additionally, it offers features such as assets and fonts management, splash screen configuration, and fast image loading. This starter package aims to streamline the initial setup process and provide a solid foundation for building React Native applications.