Smol 11ty Starter

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Smol 11ty Starter

Extremely minimal Eleventy starter to kickstart a simple multi-page site / a nearly opinionless foundation to continue building on.


The Smol Eleventy Starter is a minimal Eleventy starter template designed for creating simple multi-page websites. It provides a foundation for building upon, with minimal opinions about design or functionality.


  • Minimal: The starter template is extremely minimal, providing a basic structure and allowing for customization as needed.
  • Multi-page Support: The template supports the creation of multiple pages for a website.
  • Hot-reload via BrowserSync: The template includes hot-reload functionality using BrowserSync, allowing for live previewing of changes during development.
  • Customizable Data: The meta.js file in the src/_data directory can be edited to adjust values specific to the website.
  • Flexible Templating: The template supports various templating formats, allowing users to choose their preferred method for adding content.


To install the Smol Eleventy Starter template, follow these steps:

  1. Generate a repository from the template by clicking on the relevant link. Make sure you are signed in to GitHub for the link to work.
  2. Once the repository is cloned, navigate to the project directory in your terminal.
  3. Run the command npm install to install the required dependencies, including Eleventy.
  4. Start the Eleventy server in serve mode by running npm start. This will create a local server with hot-reload functionality via BrowserSync.
  5. To run a production version, use the command npm run build.
  6. Open the src/_data/meta.js file and adjust the values to match the details of your website.
  7. Edit the file to change the home page content. Create additional pages within the src/pages directory using your preferred templating format.


The Smol Eleventy Starter template provides a minimalist and versatile starting point for creating simple multi-page websites with Eleventy. It offers customizable data, hot-reload functionality, and support for various templating formats, allowing for easy customization and expansion.


11ty is a static site generator that allows developers to build fast, modern websites using HTML, Markdown, and other templating languages, without the need for a complex build system.