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A collection of quick copy HTML snippets for a variety of common scenarios.


HTML Recipes is a collection of quick copy HTML snippets that are useful for a variety of common scenarios. It was created by @5t3ph and encourages contributions from others as well. The aim of this project is to provide developers with ready-to-use HTML code snippets that can be easily incorporated into their projects.


  • Variety of scenarios: HTML Recipes offers snippets for a wide range of common scenarios, allowing developers to quickly find the HTML code they need.
  • Quick copy: The snippets are designed to be easily copy-pasted, saving developers time and effort.
  • Contributions welcome: The project encourages others to contribute their own HTML snippets, making it a collaborative resource for the community.


To install HTML Recipes, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine:
git clone
  1. Navigate to the project directory:
cd html-recipes
  1. Start using the HTML snippets in your project by copying the desired snippet and pasting it into your HTML file.


HTML Recipes is a valuable resource for developers who frequently find themselves in need of pre-built HTML snippets. Its collection of quick copy code snippets covers a wide range of common scenarios, allowing developers to save time and effort by easily incorporating these snippets into their projects. With the option for contributions, HTML Recipes also provides an opportunity for developers to contribute their own snippets and contribute to the collaborative nature of the project.


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