11ty Netlify Jumpstart

screenshot of 11ty Netlify Jumpstart

11ty Netlify Jumpstart

Quickly launch an 11ty-generated static site. Includes a minimal Sass framework, generated sitemap, and RSS feed.


11ty Netlify Jumpstart is a project created by Stephanie Eckles that provides a ready-to-use template for building static websites using the 11ty static site generator and hosting them on Netlify. It offers a range of features and allows for easy customization.


  • Quick Start: Generate a new repo from the template to quickly start working on your own website.
  • Installation: Run npm install to install 11ty and dependencies, and use npm start to run 11ty in watch mode.
  • Customization: Adjust meta values in src/_data/meta.js and edit src/index.njk to change the home page. Customize the styling using the included minimal Sass framework.
  • Included Features: Check out the About page for detailed information on the features included in this starter template.
  • Documentation: Refer to the 11ty documentation for guidance on applying customizations and exploring available template languages.


  1. Generate a repo from the template on GitHub or visit the repo directly.
  2. Clone the repo to your local machine.
  3. Run the following command to install 11ty and other dependencies:
npm install
  1. To run 11ty in watch mode, use the following command:
npm start
  1. For a production build, use the following command:
npm run build
  1. Open src/_data/meta.js and adjust the values to your own details.
  2. Customize the styling by referring to the included Sass framework's documentation and editing the appropriate files.
  3. Edit src/index.njk to change the home page and create content within _pages using your preferred templating format.


11ty Netlify Jumpstart is a project template that provides a convenient starting point for building static websites using 11ty and hosting them on Netlify. It offers features like quick start, customization options, and documentation. By following the installation guide, users can easily set up the project and customize it according to their needs.


11ty is a static site generator that allows developers to build fast, modern websites using HTML, Markdown, and other templating languages, without the need for a complex build system.