screenshot of YoYoCms.AbpProjectTemplate




This is a product analysis for a project that is developed based on VUE+.NET framework. It is a version of the ABP framework that is requested by users. The project website provides a demonstration of the features. The project structure is based on .NET Framework 4.6 with VUE, VUEX, and VUE-ROUTER for the frontend.


  • ASP.NET Boilerplate Project (ABP) framework for developing modern web applications with best practices and popular technologies
  • Multi-layered architecture and domain-driven design for better organization and maintainability
  • Easy project templating with default frameworks and libraries like AngularJS or multi-page architecture with EntityFramework or NHibernate as ORM


To install the theme, follow these steps:

  1. Download the vue project from the open source repository.
  2. Navigate to the Assets directory in the web project.
  3. Run the project with a local web server like Express on port 8986.


This product is a VUE version of the ABP framework for developing modern web applications. It provides features such as user authentication, multi-language support, tenant management, role management, session authorization, dynamic WebApi, and more. The project is built on the .NET Framework with VUE, VUEX, and VUE-ROUTER for the frontend. Installation is relatively straightforward, and the project is open source and can be accessed on GitHub.


A dashboard style website template is a pre-designed layout that features a user interface resembling a control panel or dashboard. It typically includes charts, graphs, tables, and other data visualization tools that allow users to monitor and analyze data in real-time.