Express Ember Auth

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Express Ember Auth

Base template for express and ember with user authentication


This project is a base for rich web applications that run an express.js server (on node.js) and serve data from MongoDB over API endpoints to a JavaScript application primarily powered by Ember.js. It provides a solid foundation for developing web applications with the mentioned technologies.


  • Express.js server: The project utilizes Express.js as the server framework, allowing for efficient handling of HTTP requests and responses.
  • MongoDB integration: The application interacts with MongoDB to store and retrieve data through API endpoints, providing persistent data storage.
  • Ember.js frontend: The JavaScript application is primarily built with Ember.js, a powerful and versatile framework for building client-side applications.
  • Grunt build pipeline: The project supports a grunt build pipeline, providing tools and automation for tasks such as minification, compilation, and code linting.


To install and set up the project, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repository to your local machine.
  2. Run npm install to install the necessary dependencies.


This project serves as a base for developing rich web applications using Express.js, MongoDB, and Ember.js. It provides key features such as an Express.js server, MongoDB integration, and a Grunt build pipeline for efficient development. Installation is straightforward, requiring only the cloning of the repository and running npm install to set up the necessary dependencies. With this project template, developers can quickly start building robust web applications utilizing the mentioned technologies.