Hugo Theme Hello 4s3ti

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Hugo Theme Hello 4s3ti

Pretty basic theme for Hugo that covers all of the essentials. All you have to do is start typing!


The Hello Friend 4s3ti theme is a mix between the hello friend-ng and the original hello-friend themes. It combines the features of both themes while also making some improvements. One major change is the inclusion of fontawesome kits. The theme is fully responsive and offers a great reading experience with the Inter font and PrismJS for code highlighting. It also supports audio in posts and includes support for Commento for comments. There are options to customize the theme's appearance and functionality, such as dark/light mode and the ability to hide titles and languages on certain pages. The theme is easy to install and configure.


  • Theming: dark/light mode
  • Great reading experience with Inter font
  • Code highlighting with PrismJS
  • Customization with Hugo tooling
  • Fully responsive
  • Audio support for posts
  • Support for Commento for comments
  • Support for FontAwesome kits
  • Support for social icons
  • Support for sharing buttons
  • Support for latest posts on front page
  • Support for submenus
  • Built-in multilanguage menu
  • Option to add a dark overlay to the background
  • Option to display "read more" as text instead of a button
  • Customizable page titles
  • Option to hide page titles on single pages
  • Option to hide language selection on single pages


To manually download the Hello Friend 4s3ti theme, go to the GitHub repository and paste it in the themes/hello-4s3ti directory in your root directory. Alternatively, you can clone the repository directly to your Hugo folder by including it as a git submodule.


The Hello Friend 4s3ti theme is a versatile and customizable theme for Hugo. It offers a great reading experience with custom fonts and code highlighting. It also includes features such as audio support and built-in multilanguage menus. The theme is easy to install and configure, making it a great option for anyone looking for a stylish and functional Hugo theme.