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Magnets - Online Magnet Links Editor


MagnetsMagnets is an online magnet links editor that allows users to easily edit, convert, and add trackers to magnet links. It also provides the ability to download .torrent files from cache.


  • Edit name, info hash, size and trackers: Users can modify various fields of a magnet link, including its name, info hash, size, and trackers.
  • Convert .torrent files to magnet links: The tool offers a convenient way to convert .torrent files into magnet links.
  • Add trackers from Users can enhance their magnet links by adding trackers from the popular tracker's list hosted on GitHub.
  • Download .torrent files from cache: The tool allows users to download .torrent files from the cache, providing a way to backup or re-obtain previously downloaded torrents.


To use MagnetsMagnets locally, follow these steps:

  1. Start by running the development server.

    yarn dev
  2. Open http://localhost:3000 in your preferred browser. This will display the results of the tool.

  3. To make changes to the tool, navigate to the pages/index.js file and edit it. The page will automatically update as you make modifications.


MagnetsMagnets is an online magnet links editor that offers a range of features to modify, convert, and enhance magnet links. With the ability to edit various fields, convert .torrent files, add trackers, and download from cache, it provides a comprehensive solution for managing magnet links. Its straightforward installation and development process make it accessible for users who want to make customizations or contribute to its development.


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