React Hello

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React Hello

Start a React project in 30 seconds: React, Bootstrap, SASS, Gitpod. Video Tutorial.


The Hello World with React boilerplate is a starter template for creating React applications. It provides a basic project structure with several key features and is designed to be easily customizable and deployable.


  • Automatic Code Formatting: Utilizes Prettier for automatic code indentation and formatting.
  • Error Reporting: Uses eslint for better error reporting.
  • Hot Deploy: Utilizes Webpack Development Server for hot deploy and live reload.
  • One-command Publish: Allows for easy publishing of the code to GitHub Pages with "npm run deploy:github".
  • Babel 7: Employs Babel 7 for improved speed and performance.


To start coding with the Hello World with React boilerplate, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the necessary packages with the command $ npm install.
  2. Start the webpack server using the command $ npm run start.
  3. Update the styles/index.css or js/index.js files according to your needs.
  4. Add additional files into the ./src/js/components or styles folder as required.

For local installations (if not using codespaces or gitpod), you can download the boilerplate using Git. Once downloaded, follow the steps above to begin coding.

To publish your website, this boilerplate is fully compatible with free GitHub Pages and Vercel hosting. It takes just 2 minutes to deploy, and you can start the process by clicking here.


The Hello World with React boilerplate is a pre-configured template for creating React applications. It offers features such as automatic code formatting, error reporting, hot deploy, and easy publishing to GitHub Pages. With its simple installation process and compatibility with popular hosting platforms, this boilerplate is ideal for quickly setting up and deploying React projects.


React is a widely used JavaScript library for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It follows a component-based architecture and uses a virtual DOM to efficiently update and render UI components


SCSS is a preprocessor scripting language that extends the capabilities of CSS by adding features such as variables, nesting, and mixins. It allows developers to write more efficient and maintainable CSS code, and helps to streamline the development process by reducing repetition and increasing reusability.

Templates & Themes

A template or theme refers to a pre-designed layout or structure that provides a basic framework for building a specific type of application or website. It typically includes good design, placeholder content and functional features, allowing developers to customize and fill in the details according to their specific needs.


ESLint is a linter for JavaScript that analyzes code to detect and report on potential problems and errors, as well as enforce consistent code style and best practices, helping developers to write cleaner, more maintainable code.

GitHub Pages

Gridsome is a Vue.js-based static site generator that makes it easy to build fast and flexible websites and applications by leveraging modern web technologies like GraphQL, Webpack, and hot reloading


Webpack is a popular open-source module bundler for JavaScript applications that bundles and optimizes the code and its dependencies for production-ready deployment. It can also be used to transform other types of assets such as CSS, images, and fonts.