Framework X

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Framework X

Your Accelerated Path to API Creation


Framework X is a feature-rich framework designed for building and maintaining complex web applications. It includes various tools and functionalities to simplify the development process, such as an MVC architecture, routing solutions for single-page applications, testing architecture, ORM support, multiple package manager support, Docker support, repository pattern implementation, logging support, and more. Additionally, the framework has features in the pipeline like an authentication module, role and permissions module, social login module, notification module, and an upcoming UI layer for enhanced user experience.


  • MVC based architecture: For building scalable applications.
  • Routing solution: Enables easy creation of single-page applications.
  • Inbuilt testing architecture: Simplifies application code testing.
  • CLI tool: Facilitates creation, building, testing, and running of applications.
  • ORM support: Supports sequelize and mongoose out of the box.
  • Multiple Package Manager support: Includes npm, yarn, pnpm, bun support.
  • Inbuilt support for multiple databases: Through ORM integration.
  • Multiple templating engines support: Including ejs, pug, handlebars, mustache, nunjucks, twig, vash, among others.
  • Docker support: Allows seamless integration with Docker technology.
  • Inbuilt Repository Pattern: Promotes scalability in application development.
  • Logging support: Provided through Simple Node Logger.
  • Super Charged Cache with Redis support: Offers efficient caching capabilities.
  • Nodemailer with MJML support: For sending emails.


To install Framework X, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub.
  2. Install the required dependencies using npm or yarn:
    npm install
    yarn install
  3. Configure the framework settings as needed.
  4. Start the application by running:
    npm start
    yarn start
  5. Access the application through the provided URL in the browser.


Framework X offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to streamline the development of complex web applications. From its MVC architecture to testing capabilities and ORM support, the framework caters to various development needs. With additional modules like authentication, role and permissions, social login, and upcoming UI enhancements, Framework X continues to evolve to meet the demands of modern application development. Users can benefit from the current features while looking forward to the upcoming functionalities that promise to enhance their development experience further.


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