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Front-end component library for 24 ways. (2013-2019)


Bits is a front-end component library built upon Fractal, a rapid development tool for components, templates, and pages. Bits requires Node.js v4.0+ and a global install of Gulp is recommended. This library is designed to make front-end development more efficient and streamlined.


  • Built upon Fractal, enabling rapid development of components, templates, and pages.
  • Utilizes ES6 features, requiring Node.js v4.0+ for local installation.
  • Optional global installation of Gulp for enhanced development experience.
  • Easy installation of project dependencies.
  • Development environment with automatic assets compilation and browser refresh.
  • Ability to create a static build of the project.
  • Deployment options to make the project publicly accessible.
  • Clearly defined repository structure for easy understanding of file purposes.


To install Bits and start using it, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Node.js from the official website:

  2. Clone the Bits repository:

    • Clone using SSH: git clone
    • Clone using HTTPS: git clone
  3. Optional: Install Gulp globally by running the following command: npm install gulp -g

  4. Optional: Install Fractal globally by running the following command: npm install fractal -g

  5. Install project dependencies by running the following command: npm install

  6. Start the development environment by running the following command: npm start

  7. Open your browser and visit http://localhost:3000 to view the components in the browser.


Bits is a front-end component library built upon Fractal and designed to streamline front-end development. It requires Node.js v4.0+ and offers an optional global installation of Gulp for enhanced development experience. The installation process is straightforward and the library provides features such as automatic asset compilation, browser refresh, and the ability to create a static build. Overall, Bits offers a convenient and efficient solution for front-end development.

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