Electron Secure Defaults

screenshot of Electron Secure Defaults

Electron Secure Defaults

Starter kit and documentation for building security conscious Electron apps


electron-secure-defaults is a security-enhanced fork of electron-quick-start-typescript. It can be used as a starter kit for a new Electron app or as a resource for improving an existing project. This repository provides a secure frontend foundation for the 1Password desktop app.


  • Enhanced security measures for Electron apps
  • Configuration used in conjunction with electron-hardener
  • Annotated code for easy understanding and reference


To build and run the quick start demo:

  1. Run npm install to install the required dependencies.
  2. Run npm start to start the demo.

For more detailed information, refer to the electron-quick-start-typescript documentation.


electron-secure-defaults is a security-focused repository that provides enhanced security defaults for Electron apps. It includes features such as secure content loading, restricted permission requests, and a defined content security policy. The code is annotated for easy understanding and reference. It serves as a secure foundation for the 1Password desktop app and can be used as a starting point or resource for improving the security of other Electron projects.