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Shop Demo Node

node.js+express+mongodb 小电商项目实战


The "shop-demo-node" project is a practical e-commerce development environment utilizing Express and MongoDB. It covers the setup of Node.js, MongoDB, and Express, along with explanations on topics like require, exports, promises, environment variables, package.json, and more. The project also delves into the development of a small e-commerce app, covering topics like directory structure, dependency installation, configuration, feature and route design, user registration, product management, shopping cart functionality, logging, testing with Mocha and Supertest, and deployment to platforms like MLab, pm2, Heroku, and UCloud.


  • Node.js and MongoDB Setup: Guide on installing and using Node.js and MongoDB.
  • Express Framework: Overview and usage of the Express framework, including routing and middleware.
  • Project Development: Step-by-step development of a small e-commerce project, covering features like user registration, product management, shopping cart functionality, logging, testing, and deployment.
  • Documentation and References: Emphasis on proper documentation and references for knowledge points and code samples.


  1. Install Node.js and nvm: nvm install [version]
  2. Install MongoDB and start the service.
  3. Set up development environment: Install dependencies, configure files, and follow project-specific guidelines.
  4. Deploy the project to desired platforms like MLab, pm2, Heroku, or UCloud.


The "shop-demo-node" project offers a comprehensive insight into developing an e-commerce application using Express and MongoDB. From setting up the development environment to implementing various features like user registration, product management, and testing, the project covers a broad range of topics essential for building a functional application. By emphasizing proper documentation and references, it serves as a valuable resource for developers looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in Node.js, Express, and MongoDB development.


Express.js is a simple Node.js framework for single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.

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