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Cxl Vue Template



"Cxl-vue-template" is a template for quickly developing Vue projects. It is based on Vue 3 and includes several integrated libraries such as ElementUI-Plus, MetroUI, Axios, and more. The template provides features such as login functionality, simulation list page, video playback page, and external link interception.


  • Vue3: Built on Vue 3 framework.
  • ElementUI-Plus: Integrated ElementUI-Plus library for UI components.
  • Axios: Integrated Axios library for handling HTTP requests.
  • MetroUI: Integrated MetroUI library for enhanced UI design.
  • Sql-formatter: Integrated sql-formatter library for SQL formatting.
  • Echarts: Integrated Echarts library for data visualization.
  • Moment: Integrated Moment library for date and time manipulation.
  • Md5: Integrated Md5 library for encryption.
  • Live2d: Integrated Live2d library for interactive 2D models.
  • Markdown: Integrated markdown reader and editor.
  • 富文本编辑器: Integrated rich text editor.
  • Video.js: Integrated Video.js for video playback.
  • Panolens.js: A panoramic plugin (currently not integrated).
  • Docxtemplater: Integrated Docxtemplater for exporting Word documents.
  • Vue-json-excel: A library for exporting Excel documents (currently not integrated).
  • Zoomcharts: A library for interactive data visualization (currently not integrated).
  • Gojs: A library for creating interactive diagrams (in progress).
  • Kityminder: A library for creating mind maps (in progress).
  • Docker deployment: Provides deployment using Docker.


To install the "cxl-vue-template" theme, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub:
git clone [repository-url]
  1. Navigate to the project directory:
cd cxl-vue-template
  1. Install the required dependencies:
npm install
  1. Start the development server:
npm run serve
  1. Access the application in your browser at


"Cxl-vue-template" is a template for Vue projects that provides a range of integrated features and libraries, such as ElementUI-Plus for UI components, Axios for handling HTTP requests, MetroUI for enhanced UI design, and more. It also offers functionalities like login, simulation list page, video playback, and external link interception. The template is developed using Vue 3 and is available for easy installation and usage.