Hexo Theme Cosy

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Hexo Theme Cosy

Minimalist, pursuing the ultimate loading speed for a Hexo theme,追求极致加载速度


CosyMinimalist is a Hexo theme that focuses on achieving fast loading speeds. The JavaScript size is 107.73 KB, but after gzip compression, it is reduced to only 33.41 KB.


  • Theme Switching: Allows users to switch between different themes.
  • Prism Syntax Highlighting: Enables syntax highlighting for code snippets using Prism.
  • Algolia Search: Integrates Algolia search functionality.
  • HeFeng Weather Widget: Includes a weather widget from HeFeng.
  • Katex Formulae: Supports rendering of mathematical formulae using Katex.
  • Mermaid Flowcharts: Provides the ability to create flowcharts using Mermaid.
  • Valine Comments: Allows users to enable Valine comments on their site.


To install the CosyMinimalist theme, follow these steps:

  1. Install the development dependencies.

    pnpm install
  2. Configure the theme name. Edit the ornn.json file and set the desired theme name.

  3. Start the development server.

    npm run start


CosyMinimalist is a Hexo theme that prioritizes fast loading speeds. It offers various features such as theme switching, syntax highlighting, Algolia search integration, weather widget, mathematical formula rendering, flowchart creation, and Valine comments. To install the theme, follow the provided installation guide.


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