Hexo Theme Strict

screenshot of Hexo Theme Strict

Hexo Theme Strict

A clean, minimal and responsive theme for hexo


Strict is a clean and minimalist Hexo theme that is designed to provide a simple and elegant look to your website. The theme takes inspiration from the default Hexo theme, landscape.


  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Inspired by the default Hexo theme, landscape
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Supports multiple browsers including IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Open-source and licensed under the MIT License


To install the Strict theme for Hexo, follow these steps:

  1. Install Hexo: If you haven't already, install Hexo on your system. You can find detailed instructions on how to install Hexo on their website.

  2. Enable the Strict theme: Once Hexo is installed, navigate to your Hexo project folder and locate the "_config.yml" file.

  3. Modify theme settings: Open the "_config.yml" file in a text editor and locate the "theme" setting. Change the value to "strict" to enable the Strict theme for your Hexo site.

  4. Update the browser support: Strict theme supports IE 8+ and the latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Make sure your target audience uses these browsers for the best compatibility.

  5. Save the changes: Save the "_config.yml" file and close the text editor.

  6. Generate and deploy your Hexo site: Run the command hexo generate in the terminal to generate your Hexo site with the Strict theme. After the generation is complete, you can deploy your site using the command hexo deploy.

  7. Verify the installation: Open your Hexo site in a web browser to verify that the Strict theme is successfully installed and applied.


Strict is a clean and minimalist Hexo theme inspired by the default landscape theme. It offers an easy installation process and supports multiple browsers. With its simple and elegant design, Strict provides a great option for users looking for a minimalist theme for their Hexo websites.