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Access Vue Admin

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This article is an analysis of a product called "access-vue-admin". It is an enterprise-level, high-performance, and visually appealing front-end solution for general mid-to-back-end systems development. Built on Vue.js and using Element UI, this solution supports various types of products such as typical mid-to-back-end applications, community-based applications, map-based applications, and desktop-based applications. It offers a range of layout options, flexible menu configurations, a beautiful UI, and advanced user experience.


  • Rich layout options: The product provides a variety of layout options, offering high configurability in terms of layout and functionality.
  • Topbar and Sidebar menus: It supports both topbar and sidebar menus, with the sidebar menu automatically responding to changes in the topbar menu.
  • Beautiful UI and attention to detail: The product offers a visually appealing UI design with a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience by paying attention to details.
  • Configurable badge layout: It allows for a customizable badge layout in the menu bar, including classic layout and responsive layout options.
  • Light/Dark mode: The product supports both light and dark mode for the sidebar, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred theme.
  • Collapsible sidebar: The topbar can be collapsed to allow for more space, enhancing the overall usability of the application.
  • Multiple tabs in the sidebar: It supports multiple tabs in the sidebar, allowing users to navigate between different sections of the application easily.
  • Global breadcrumbs: The product provides a global breadcrumb feature, making it easier for users to track their navigation path within the application.


To resolve any issues related to node-sass, it is recommended to use cnpm for installation. Follow the steps below to install the product:

  1. Delete the "node_models" folder.
  2. Install cnpm.
  3. Run the following command to install the product using cnpm:
cnpm install

If the issue persists, please search for "node-sass报错 Python executable "python" in the PATH" on Baidu or refer to the documentation.


In summary, "access-vue-admin" is an impressive front-end solution for mid-to-back-end systems development. With its range of layout options, configurable menus, beautiful UI, and attention to detail, it offers a highly customizable and visually appealing user experience. Its compatibility with modern browsers and support for various types of applications make it a versatile choice for developers.