Eleventy Plugin Vite

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Eleventy Plugin Vite

A plugin to use Vite with Eleventy

Product Analysis: eleventy-plugin-vite


eleventy-plugin-vite is a plugin that allows users to use Vite v4.0 with Eleventy v2.0. It enables running Vite as middleware in Eleventy's Dev Server and also runs Vite build to postprocess the Eleventy build output. This plugin enhances the development experience by leveraging the benefits of Vite with Eleventy.


  • Runs Vite as Middleware in Eleventy Dev Server: Integrates Vite into Eleventy's Dev Server, allowing users to take advantage of Vite's fast development server during the development process.
  • Runs Vite build to postprocess Eleventy build output: After the Eleventy build, this plugin initiates a Vite build to optimize and process the Eleventy build output, enhancing the final performance of the website.
  • Related Projects: eleventy-plugin-vite is related to other projects like slinkity by @Holben888, which offers a more comprehensive integration with Vite including partial hydration and rendering framework components using shortcodes in Eleventy. Another related project is vite-plugin-eleventy by @Snugug, which uses Eleventy as middleware in Vite instead of the post-processing approach used in eleventy-plugin-vite.


To install eleventy-plugin-vite, follow these steps:

  1. Install eleventy-plugin-vite using npm:
npm install eleventy-plugin-vite
  1. Add eleventy-plugin-vite to your Eleventy configuration file (.eleventy.js):
const vitePlugin = require("eleventy-plugin-vite");

module.exports = (eleventyConfig) => {
  1. Customize the Vite configuration options as per your requirement. Check the full list of Vite Configuration options.


eleventy-plugin-vite is a powerful plugin that integrates Vite into Eleventy, enhancing the development and build process. With features like running Vite as middleware in Eleventy's Dev Server and post-processing Eleventy build output with Vite, this plugin provides a seamless experience for developers. The related projects slinkity and vite-plugin-eleventy offer additional integrations and functionalities for those seeking more advanced features. However, it's important to note the current limitations and TODOs, such as the inability to process serverless output with Vite. Overall, eleventy-plugin-vite is a valuable tool for optimizing Eleventy builds with Vite.


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