React Native Alipay

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React Native Alipay

Alipay SDK for React Native. Support RN >= 0.47.


The react-native-alipay is a package that provides Alipay SDK support for React Native apps. It enables features like quick login authorization, in-app payments, mobile webpage to app payments, and parameter signing. The package supports React Native versions above 0.47 and requires specific versions for iOS (v15.5.9) and Android (v15.5.9).


  • Quick Login Authorization: Supports quick login authorization functionality.
  • In-App Payments: Allows users to make payments within the app.
  • Mobile Webpage to App Payments: Facilitates payments from mobile webpages to the app.
  • Parameter Signing: Supports parameter signing for secure transactions.


To install the react-native-alipay package, you can use Yarn with the following command:

$ yarn add @0x5e/react-native-alipay

For native module installation and setting up on iOS and Android platforms, refer to the specific setup guides provided in the documentation.


The react-native-alipay package offers essential features for integrating Alipay SDK into React Native apps, enabling secure payments, authorization, and seamless user experiences. With support for React Native, iOS, and Android, developers can leverage this package to enhance their mobile applications with Alipay functionalities.

React Native

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