Hexo Theme Jelly

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Hexo Theme Jelly

A simple, elegant light theme for hexo.


The hexo-theme-jelly is a light theme for the Hexo blogging platform. It offers a wonderful, elegant, and eye-protected design. This theme is adapted from two previous themes, Yilia and Smackdown, and includes UI improvements, bug fixes, and additional features. Users can preview the theme on the preview site and install it by configuring the _config.yml file.


  • Elegant Design: The theme offers a beautiful and elegant design that enhances the readability of the content.
  • UI Improvements: Hexo-theme-jelly has made significant changes to the UI, improving the user experience.
  • Bug Fixes: Previous issues and bugs have been addressed in this theme, ensuring a smoother performance.
  • Customizable: The theme can be easily customized by uncommenting and modifying lines in the _config.yml file.
  • Background Image: Users can add a custom background image by placing a .jpg picture named "bg.jpg" in the themes/jelly/source/img directory.


To install the hexo-theme-jelly, follow these steps:

  1. Modify the _config.yml file in your blog's root directory.
  2. Uncomment the lines in the _config.yml file that are relevant to your needs.
  3. Use the \<!-- more --> tag to specify which parts of the content should be revealed on the home page.
  4. Add a .jpg picture and rename it to "bg.jpg", then place it in the themes/jelly/source/img directory as your background image.


The hexo-theme-jelly is a light theme for Hexo with an elegant design and improved UI. It provides bug fixes and customization options, making it a great choice for bloggers looking for an eye-protected and visually appealing theme. The installation process is straightforward, requiring users to modify the _config.yml file and add a custom background image. Overall, hexo-theme-jelly offers a pleasant and user-friendly experience for Hexo users.


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Blog websites feature posts written by one or more authors, organized by categories and tags, with a section for comments and archives sorted by date or topic. Additional features may include search bar, social media sharing, subscription or RSS feed, about and contact pages, and visual content.

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