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Code for my talks on the No Boilerplate channel


This content is a description of tools, resources, and recommendations related to the No Boilerplate channel. It includes information on the software used to create presentation slides, recommended reading materials for learning Rust programming language, a video series on Rust, and a Discord server for community interaction and support.


  • Advanced-Slides Plugin: Allows for easy creation of presentation slides using the software.
  • Recommended Rust Reading: Provides a list of valuable resources for self-learning Rust programming language, including "The Book," articles on, and the "Rust By Example" guide.
  • Rustlings Code Kata: Offers a hands-on learning experience for Rust programming through fixing small failing tests.
  • Video Series on Rust: Presents a playlist of videos on Rust programming, with a recommended starting video for setting up and subsequent videos for learning in any order.
  • Discord Server: Provides a community of friendly individuals interested in Rust programming, with dedicated channels for programming and beginner advice.


  1. To create presentation slides, download and install the software from Obsidian's official website.
  2. Install the Advanced-Slides plugin within by following these steps:
    • Open
    • Click on the settings icon in the lower-left corner.
    • Select "Community plugins" from the left sidebar.
    • Search for "Advanced-Slides" in the plugins search box.
    • Click "Install" next to the Advanced-Slides plugin.
  3. To learn Rust programming, access the following resources:
  4. To watch the video series on Rust programming, follow these steps:
  5. To join the Discord server for Rust programming support and community interaction, follow these steps:
    • Access the invite link to the server at
    • Explore the dedicated channels such as #programming and #newbie-advice for relevant discussions and questions.
    • Tag the author and introduce yourself to get involved and receive assistance.


This content provides information on tools and resources related to the No Boilerplate channel. It includes instructions for using the software with the Advanced-Slides plugin to create presentation slides. Additionally, it offers recommendations for learning Rust programming language through various reading materials like "The Book," articles on, the "Rust By Example" guide, and the Rustlings code kata. The content also highlights a video series on Rust programming available on YouTube and invites readers to join the author's Discord server for community support and engagement.