Vue3 Naive Starter

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Vue3 Naive Starter

VUE3 + Naive UI + Tailwind CSS 快速开发框架


The VUE3 + Naive UI Fast Development Framework is a powerful tool for quickly building web applications. It is built on top of Vue3, Naive-UI, Tailwind CSS, and Echarts 5. The framework offers a range of features, including support for multiple pages, integration with mock data, and customizable directives for permission control. The framework is written in pure JavaScript and is designed to streamline the development process.


  • Vue3 and Naive-UI: The framework is built on top of Vue3 and utilizes the Naive-UI component library, providing developers with a powerful and user-friendly development environment.
  • Tailwind CSS: The inclusion of Tailwind CSS allows for easy and efficient styling of the web application, ensuring a modern and visually appealing design.
  • Echarts 5: The integration of Echarts 5 enables developers to incorporate advanced data visualization capabilities into their web applications, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Mock Data and Configuration: The framework includes support for mock data, allowing developers to easily simulate API responses during development and testing. Additionally, it offers configuration options for multiple pages, providing flexibility in structuring the web application.
  • Customizable Directives for Permission Control: The framework provides customizable directives for implementing permission control in the web application. This allows developers to easily manage user access and ensure data security.


To install the VUE3 + Naive UI Fast Development Framework, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone [repository-url]
  1. Install the dependencies:
npm install
  1. Run the development server:
npm run dev
  1. Access the web application in your browser:


The VUE3 + Naive UI Fast Development Framework is a comprehensive tool for building web applications quickly and efficiently. With its powerful features and intuitive development environment, developers can streamline the development process and create modern and visually appealing web applications. The framework's integration with Vue3, Naive-UI, Tailwind CSS, and Echarts 5 provides a solid foundation for creating robust and feature-rich applications. Furthermore, the support for mock data and configuration options for multiple pages adds flexibility and ease of use. The customizable directives for permission control ensure data security and user access management. Overall, this framework is a valuable resource for developers looking to accelerate their web application development process.