How we Index Opensource templates

We index themes from a variety of sources. Our primary source for opensource themes is GitHub. To list your opensource theme:

  1. Your theme must be an opensource GitHub repo
  2. Make sure your Github repo has a working demo URL
  3. Add a matching topic to your repo. We search for repos with the following pattern[category]-template[category]-theme[category]-uikitwhere [category] could be any of the categories from our menu. For example "nextjs-template".
  4. We also search for repos tagged in a variety of other ways, but using the pattern above is the best way to ensure you are indexed.
screenshot of github topics

Above: Tag your GitHub repo with a relevant topic and add a working demo url


  • Themes with less than 7 stars will not be listed immediately but will continue to be checked periodically and displayed once they cross this threshold.
  • Themes without https demo urls, demo urls that take longer than 10 seconds to load or experience issues loading will not be listed
  • Theme demos must be an example of your template or kit, not your personal site or other marketing material
If your template is not being indexed you can submit it manually