Django Boilerplate

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Django Boilerplate

A boilerplate/skeleton for Django project management.

Product Analysis: Django-Boilerplate


Django-Boilerplate is a boilerplate used for Django development purposes. It provides a set of pre-configured settings and features that can be used as a starting point for Django projects.


  • Django debug toolbar: A toolbar for debugging Django applications.
  • Settings modules configured for development/production ready: Pre-configured settings modules that can be used for both development and production environments.
  • List of commands for project configuration: A set of commands that can be used for configuring the project.
  • Keeps keys and other sensitive information hidden in production: The boilerplate provides a mechanism for hiding sensitive information, such as API keys, in production.


To install the Django-Boilerplate theme, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone
  2. Navigate to the cloned repository:
    cd Django-Boilerplate
  3. Create a virtual environment:
    virtualenv {name of env}
  4. Activate the virtual environment:
    source {name of env}/bin/activate
  5. Install the required dependencies:
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Create a folder named "static_in_env" at the same level as
  7. Run the Django server:
    python runserver


Django-Boilerplate is a helpful starting point for Django development projects. It comes with features such as the Django debug toolbar, pre-configured settings modules for development and production environments, and commands for project configuration. By following the installation instructions, users can quickly set up the boilerplate and start developing their Django applications.